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Meet Blake & Loren

Travel has always been a central part of Loren and Blake’s lives, beginning with memorable family trips during their early years. Their shared enthusiasm for exploring new destinations grew over time, with significant occasions like birthdays and graduations often celebrated by discovering different places around the world. Besides their love for travel, both Loren and Blake share a passion for aviation. As Certified Flight Instructors and avid recreational pilots, they have a unique perspective on the joys of journeying. With an understanding of the complexities and nuances in planning memorable trips, they decided to use their organizational skills and love for adventure to help others craft unique travel experiences, ensuring families can create lasting memories in various destinations worldwide. 


As a co-founder of Dream Castle Escapes, Blake aims to share her enthusiasm for travel and adventure with others. With a strong background in planning and project management, she is dedicated to designing unforgettable trips for her clients. Blake’s experience as a licensed pilot and flight instructor, where she led the university’s flight team and contributed to the flight program, adds a unique perspective to her travel planning. She holds a degree in marketing and management from Auburn University, equipping her with the skills to create tailored travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary.


Loren, as a co-founder of Dream Castle Escapes, is passionate about curating thoughtful and memorable travel experiences. Having traveled extensively around the world, Loren brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to her trip planning. While she has a fondness for magical destinations, her focus is on creating diverse travel itineraries that cater to the unique interests of her clients. Loren’s meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills ensure that each vacation she plans is a one-of-a-kind journey, providing her clients with unforgettable experiences in various destinations.

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